PlayStation Mini Thoughts

PlayStation Mini Thoughts

Recently Sony announced that they will be releasing the PlayStation 1 Mini. If you don’t know what they mean by “Mini”, they are referring to a much smaller version of their original home console. Similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System Mini and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini released by Nintendo. The system will come preloaded with twenty PS1 games, two controllers, HDMI port to connect into modern day televisions and what I believe to be buttons that replicate the original PlayStation 1 consoles open disc, power, and reset buttons respectively.

As of right now, there hasn’t been an official list of games that are confirmed to come with the PlayStation Mini. My hunch is that they will bundle the most popular games the console had. Although I know that’s a good idea and that might help the mini console sell better, I hope they don’t do that. Most of the Top selling PlayStation 1 games have already been available on later PlayStation consoles for years now. Why would we want this console if it has the same games that have already been released multi times over? I can almost guarantee that the final fantasy 7 will most likely be bundled with it, anyone that cares about the final fantasy series has already played that game multiple times over on multiple consoles or on their mobile device. How about they release final fantasy 8 instead? We haven’t seen that released anywhere since it first came out.

Ultimately I would like to see games that are super classics, have a huge following is the mini ps sells well but nothing that Larry has more than 4 releases. Here is. A list of a couple of games I would love to see

1. Chronic Cross
2. Final Fantasy 8
3. Mega Man Legends 2
4. Tomba 2
5. Metal Gear Solid
6. Valkyrie Profile
7. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
8. Omega Boost
9. Ridge Racer 4
10. Gran Turismo 2
11. Mortal Kombat Trilogy
12. Tekken 3
13. Resident Evil 2
14. Symphony of the night
15. Final fantasy tactics
16. Legend of dragon
17. Tenchu 2
18. Klonoa
19. Driver
20. Ape escape

Yeah, you might say that this list I ridiculous but I don’t think it’s more ridiculous than having the same games that people that would be buying this console already own on multiple consoles.

The PlayStation 1mini is being priced at 100. When I first that price I felt that it was a little high. Again, it might all depend on the games that come out with the mini console to warrant at kind of price. I went ahead and pre-ordered off Amazon the moment I saw thyme were up. I did it because I was genuinely excited to hear about he Mini console and I’ve been on a mini console journey with both the NES mini and the SNES mini. I think its really gonna come down to the games that are being bundled with it. If we get tons of repeats then I don’t know if it would be really worth it or not. Maybe just the fact that it’s a mini console is worth the price in itself?

When this mini console was first announced, I think there was mixed feelings towards it. I preordered mine as soon as I saw it go up on amazon. I did it because I hate wanting something and having to hunt all over town and online just to not be able to find it anywhere. Since then I have gone back to check on the preorders and have found that amazon had stopped doing them. I also checked other major retailers and there was nothing up for preorders, so maybe this thing will be in demand? Ultimately I’m covered whether it becomes difficult to find or not. I’m well aware that Sony will most likely create scarcity for an item like this. It’s a good way to determine if they should continue on this trend of mini consoles or if they should just call it quits after the first one.

One thing that will make this console awesome if it is hackable. Just like with the NES and the SNES Classics, both systems were hackable and the community made it easy for everyone to add their own games to each of these mini consoles. If the PS Mini is the same way, that would skyrocket the demand for it.

Although I was quick to preorder a PlayStation Mini its hard not to feel a little bit like a sucker. Maybe its the price point of $100, or the fact that all of these games are most likely already on the PlayStation store. Something about playing these games on a mini console with semi “original hardware” is cool. Video game companies know exactly how to tap into adult gamers childhoods and get them to buy things from their past. They know that many of us have families of our own and love sharing things with our children that we loved as kids ourselves. Tapping into nostaligia is a big business.

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