Possible July 2018 Pickups

Possible July 2018 Pickups

Possible July 2018 Pickups

The month of July 2018 has a couple of different titles that I’m interested in picking up. All of the games are on either the Nintendo Switch or the Sony PlayStation 4. Here is the small list of possibly July 2018 pickups that I might be picking up this month, in order of release date.

1. Toads Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo Switch

Captain Toads Treasure Tracker Picture - Possible July 2018 Pick-Ups
Captain Toads Treasure Tracker

I recently played the demo of Toads Treasure Tracker with my 2-year-old daughter. I thought it would be simple enough for her to positively contribute to playing the game but she isn’t fully there yet. She did really like the simplicity of the game and the fact that she is able to shoot tomatoes as a second player got her really into the game. As a result of her excitement, I do plan on picking this game up for the Nintendo Switch.

I have already played and beaten this game on the Nintendo Wii U. I already know what to expect and the amount of engagement that it will bring. I have seen a couple of Mario Odyssey stages that would be new to this particular version, but ultimately as I mentioned earlier, I want this game to further bond with my daughter. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

2. Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch

Octopath Traveler - Possible July 2018 Pick-Ups
Octopath Traveler

I’m looking forward to this game. I thought it had an interesting look to it when I played the demo. Everyone I hear talking about this game absolutely loved the demo. I gotta be honest here, I lost interest in the demo really quickly. There was a lot of talking and I just couldn’t get too into the dialogue. I ended up skipping much of the dialogue and eventually just lost interest. I played the demo so long ago that I really don’t have a good perception of it anymore as it comes close to being released.

So while the demo didn’t keep me engaged, why am I still entertaining the idea of still picking this game up? Honestly, I think its a combination of it being a SquareEnix game and just my memories of playing RPGs when I was a kid. I used to love going through a game and seeing the story unfold, my characters developing throughout. Leveling up and making my characters strong enough to destroy the next boss. Lastly, I enjoyed seeing the cool magic or fighting effects that would happen during the fights themselves. I think for all these reasons I still wanna check out Octopath Traveler. I’ll most likely be attempting the demo again before actually getting the game.

3. Sonic Mania Plus for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Sonic Mania Plus - Possible July 2018 Pick-Ups
Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Mania Plus is a tricky game for me. If you have followed any of my content prior to this blog post you’ll know that I was super into Sonic Mania when it first came out. I bought it for both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. I streamed all of my progress through that game on the PS4 and have yet to finish it again on the Switch. I really enjoyed the game and loved the revival of classic Sonic gameplay.

Truth be told, the reason why I’m thinking about getting this game again is that I’m just a sucker for sega. I have been a sonic fan since the Genesis days and throughout the years have seen Sega go through tons of ups and even more downs. It’s because of that I tend to support Sega in a lot of the games they release. I want to see succeed. Mania Plus does have a couple of additions that the original game didn’t have. They have two brand new characters that are from the old sonic games and comics. They have a couple of new versions of past stages and possibly a couple of new stages altogether, although that I’m not too sure about. If the game is priced at $40, I might wait a little bit, if it’s priced at $30 than its a for sure pickup.

4. Mega Man X Collection 1 + 2 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Mega Man X Collection - Possible July 2018 Pick-Ups
Mega Man X Collection

MMX Collection is a huge title for me. I have been playing the X series since it first came out on the Super Nintendo and continued to play it on the PlayStation 1 and 2. I even wanna go as far as to say that I enjoy the X series more than I do the main Mega Man series. There really is no doubt that I will be picking this up first for the PlayStation 4 and streaming my entire Playthrough of every game.

I owned the first X collection that was released on the PlayStation 2 years ago. I believe this version is just as good and also has a couple of extras with it. One of the features I remember hearing about is a cool boss mode. In this particular mode, your ability to fight two different bosses from different X games at the same time. I had seen an image of X fighting Chill Penguin from MMX1 and another ice boss from a different X game in the same stage. It’s an interesting idea and I’m looking forward to playing it when it comes out. My hopes are that the collection is reasonably priced. I think a collection like this should run for $40, to be any higher than that Capcom would be pushing their luck. I guess a bigger question is if the game is priced higher than that will gamers still pick it up regardless?

I wanna say that’s it for the month of July 2018. It’s really not a guarantee that I will be picking up all four of these games exactly on their release dates. I like picking games right when they come out but I hate having a huge backlog. We’ll see how the month goes. Are you looking forward to anything, in particular, this month? Please let me know.

If you read this far…THANK YOU! Please share your thoughts. I love connecting with like-minded people. You can reach out to me through this website or on Twitter and Instagram. If you prefer to listen to this blog post, I did a small podcast episode regarding the same topic, check out the player below and subscribe for more episodes. See you guys on the next one.


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